Thursday, August 20, 2015



I decided my life wasn't busy enough as it is, so I'm creating this blog as a side project to my main website, "Movies or Minutes."  There you can find more of my work, including movie reviews, entries in my writing journals, links to books that I've written, and more.

My goal, which I hope is clear in the header, is to review a sequel to a movie I haven't seen each week.  Why do this?  Mainly because I think it'll be funny.  It's also very fitting for me since I can barely keep up with pop culture anymore and I'm perpetually behind on what's hot right now.

But there's a little more.

I'm kind of a nerd about story structure and I get a big kick out of seeing how other storytellers use shorthand to communicate complex ideas.  For example: a scene where a guy with an eye-patch and a beard growls and you're supposed to think, "Holy crap!  That guy's got a grizzled history!"

But when you come into the story without any context, you can't tell what's meant to be shorthand for everyone and what's meant to be shorthand for people who have seen it before.  Maybe that guy was a character in the first movie and you got to see what happened to his eye.  Maybe he's actually not grizzled at all, and this scene is supposed to be a joke because he's acting out of character.  Maybe he disappeared in the second half of the first movie, and his reveal now is supposed to be a big shocker.

I assume I'll be able to follow along to most movies, since there's a lot of cash-grabs out there.  But I guess what I'm hoping for is the awkward fun of coming into a conversation late and making up my own back story for all the participants.  Hopefully all of you will have some fun with it, too.

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